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It can be stressful to search for the perfect dress for an occasion. With the myriads of garments in the magazines and online, finding the best one is a daunting task. Dress Therapy is an online store that aims to eliminate that problem by providing dresses and gowns for all occasions, and all purposes. Whether it is a wedding gown, a celebrity dress or a prom dress, this retail store has it all.

Prom Dresses

Prom dresses are extremely challenging to find as they usually resemble each other in cut, style, and fabric. This is especially true if the dress is bought locally. At provides a solution by stocking fabulous dresses at the lowest prices. They have multiple years of experience in the prom business under their (designer) belt, so the buyer is assured of a flawless dress which is delivered to their doorstep ahead of time. All the dresses are designer and come in a large variety. The cherry on the cake is their policy to never sell the same type of dress to the same school. This ensures that the buyer stands out in a crowd.

Dresses for Events

Dress Therapy is the home to all types of dresses for all typed=s of occasions including weddings, quinceaneras, evening parties, pageants, birthdays, galas and even the red carpet. From flowing ball gowns to short, sweet 16 birthday dresses, this online store has dresses that will make for the perfect event.


Dress therapy has thousands of accessories which range from jewelry, Spanx, to pageant shoes that match every formal dress in the store. When wearing backless dresses, the store provides NuBras and Hollywood fashion tape to ensure that the buyer’s dress is well-supported.

Celebrity dresses

For those who love scouring fashion magazines to get a glimpse of your favorite actress’ dress, you’re in luck. Dress Therapy has a big selection of red carpet dresses that have been seen in magazines such as Seventeen, Teen Prom, etc. The dresses range from pen backs to one shoulder garments and flatter every body type and skin tone. Many celebrities have been sighted wearing some of the store’s styles.

Dress sizing

The store caters for every body type, with dresses that come with size-specific charts that offer measurements for the waist, bust, and hips. All the buyer need to do is to measure themselves and compare their measurements to the size chart to get a perfect fit. The store lets the buyer know if any alterations need to be done and the cost.


All of the dresses designed by Dress therapy are of the highest quality, created with only fabrics such as silk, taffeta, chiffon, tulle amongst others. The dresses have high longevity and are shipped to homes within the United States for free. The store ensures delivery and provides the buyer with a tracking number.

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Poncho is more of a fashion garment than a covering cloth. Known celebs, like Angelina Jolie, and Kim Kardashian looks fabulous when wearing their ponchos. The clothing is also easy to adjust to any styles that appeal you. But there are some rules too, which if ignored could deteriorate yours.

Correct sizing

poncho-2aa3eA poncho is technically an oversized clothing, and if the size does not fit properly, or if it is too baggy, you could look like wearing a blanket, or bed sheet. All-size poncho is dangerous, and you do not buy it unless you have tried wearing it and it fits. Poncho does look too small for some people, and it may resemble more of a cape on some occasions, and that is why the sizing seriously matters.

For a curvy build, compromise your look by choosing a poncho that can show your curve just enough; not too much and not too little. Pay attention to the shape of your hips. See if wearing a belt is required to define the curve of your body. Sometimes, correct size alone is not enough.

Avoid wearing a poncho that is too wide-shaped at the bottom part. You want your poncho to be your shade. The top alone is already dramatic, and there is no need to add more. Except, your intention for wearing poncho is to participate in a costume party. found these here for such a purpose. The original poncho does look wide and eccentric.

Mind the length of your poncho. If you have a curvy build, highlight you hips by choosing a poncho that ends right before your hip line, or right after it. Do not surpass the limit, or you will look like the poncho is swallowing you.

Poncho-knitted56Choose between heavy or light poncho

Depending on your intention, a heavy poncho is bulked with cotton materials and designed with the goal of giving your optimal protection, or concealment. Usually, this type of poncho comes with a hood and is best to wear during the windy season.

Light poncho is for fashion-intention. The materials vary from knitted cotton to wool. Both come in short and long designs, so a light poncho is appropriate to almost any settings.



Use poncho as how it’s been designed

There is poncho-dress available in the market, and you can wear it without having to worry about what clothes or pants you should wear with the poncho. The sizing rule still applies, and a poncho-dress is not an over-lengthy poncho that you use as a dress because the size is too loose for you. Perhaps, such a method works, but it is too risky, and improper sizing can make you look like drowned in the dress.

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