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The practice of anal bleaching has gained a significant attraction in recent years. The need to achieve an even skin tone, lighten skin, boost self-confidence, and have a glamorous look are some of the factors associated with this trend. However, even with the quest of achieving this, many people feel embarrassed to have this procedure in a saloon. As a result, they opt to lighten their anus at home using bleaching creams. That said, here are a few things to know in regards to anal bleaching.

Why do people bleach their anus?beauty 33

People bleach their anus for various reasons. Some of the common reasons linked to this trend include the desire to look sexually attractive, desire to have a glamorous look while wearing G-strings or even small bikinis. More to this, people engage in this practice for skin care.

Risks associated with anal bleaching

This procedure of anal bleaching is entirely safe. However, for it to be safe you have to choose the right anal bleaching product. Therefore, working with a cosmetologist and doing research before buying a skin-lightening product is no choice.

Where to have your anus bleached

If you are bold, enough to have your anus bleached by someone else, then you can visit a saloon. However, it is important to work with a qualified beautician. More to this, inquire of the skin lightening products to be used. Remember, that the lightening product to be used should not contain hydroquinone if the procedure is to be 100% safe.

Natural anal bleaching options

If you are not comfortable having your anus bleached at a saloon, you can do it yourself while at home. More to this, you can use a few natural products. Below are some of these natural anal lightening products.

Baking soda

This is a common anal bleaching product. You are only required to mix baking soda with water to make a paste. Then apply it for at least 5 minutes and not more than ten. Afterwards, clean it using pure water. Baking soda works by removing exfoliating dead skin cell, which is the cause of skin darkening.

bikini 231Lemon juice

To lighten your skin, cut your lemon into halves, and then extract the juice. Dilute the juice and apply it in your anal region using cotton buds. Rinse your anus after an hour. Repeat this twice every day for at least two weeks, and you will start noting the difference.

Anal bleaching cream

This is also another effective intimate area lightening option. If  you are looking for an effective skin lightening product, http://mylighterskin.com/anal-bleaching/ can be an excellent place to start. This alternative is efficient, time-saving, and simpler compared to using one natural ingredient at a time. More to this, anus-bleaching creams are natural, they contain vitamins and antioxidants that help improve your skin tone in the long run.

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Whether you are preparing for a special occasion or just doing the routine beauty therapies, using a professional beauty and spa expert has numerous benefits and is the right thing to do. Most ladies spend a lot of money on beauty which includes visiting beauty salons and spas. In fact, men are also adopting the habit of visiting these joints for various selected services. If you would like to start using a professional beauty salon from today, you can compare some before and after pictures on instagram to what such experts can do to your body. Below are the top reasons why people would rather use professional experts.

Reasons why people use professional beauty experts

Use of high-end products

Professional beauty experts are mostly found in reputable beauty salons and spas. They use the best products on your body skin with the aim of getting the finest results. If you want to use only the organic products with fewer or no side effects, then make sure that you visit one of these salons. Most important, they do not confine one to limited products as they have a variety to cater for different tastes.


Their results are exceptional

Every woman wants to have a glowing skin, well-trimmed eyebrows, and the best makeup particularly if they are attending an important social gathering like a dinner, fashion show, wedding or any other. To make yourself look the best, then you ought to choose the best salon for makeup from the hair to the toes. They will give exceptional results which will not only enhance your beauty but also make you stand out.

They raise your self-confidence

Physical looks determine a ladies self-confidence and esteem. When they feel that this is compromised, then they will not get the courage to stand in front of people or even appear in public gathering as they are afraid of getting humiliated. Experts in beauty can use different approaches to enhance both ladies and men’s beauty which gives them the confidence to handle various social relations in life.

They conceal defects

Almost every person has their ‘little devil’ when it comes to physical looks. When looking for a professional beautician who can help you conceal the defect, then consider using those from reputable beauty salons and spa. Apart from approaching the challenge how you suggest, they give the best advice from an experts point of view.

As much as the above reasons to use a beauty expert are not exhaustive, they are the common ones that make people seek these services.

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