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It can be stressful to search for the perfect dress for an occasion. With the myriads of garments in the magazines and online, finding the best one is a daunting task. Dress Therapy is an online store that aims to eliminate that problem by providing dresses and gowns for all occasions, and all purposes. Whether it is a wedding gown, a celebrity dress or a prom dress, this retail store has it all.

Prom Dresses

Prom dresses are extremely challenging to find as they usually resemble each other in cut, style, and fabric. This is especially true if the dress is bought locally. At provides a solution by stocking fabulous dresses at the lowest prices. They have multiple years of experience in the prom business under their (designer) belt, so the buyer is assured of a flawless dress which is delivered to their doorstep ahead of time. All the dresses are designer and come in a large variety. The cherry on the cake is their policy to never sell the same type of dress to the same school. This ensures that the buyer stands out in a crowd.

Dresses for Events

Dress Therapy is the home to all types of dresses for all typed=s of occasions including weddings, quinceaneras, evening parties, pageants, birthdays, galas and even the red carpet. From flowing ball gowns to short, sweet 16 birthday dresses, this online store has dresses that will make for the perfect event.


Dress therapy has thousands of accessories which range from jewelry, Spanx, to pageant shoes that match every formal dress in the store. When wearing backless dresses, the store provides NuBras and Hollywood fashion tape to ensure that the buyer’s dress is well-supported.

Celebrity dresses

For those who love scouring fashion magazines to get a glimpse of your favorite actress’ dress, you’re in luck. Dress Therapy has a big selection of red carpet dresses that have been seen in magazines such as Seventeen, Teen Prom, etc. The dresses range from pen backs to one shoulder garments and flatter every body type and skin tone. Many celebrities have been sighted wearing some of the store’s styles.

Dress sizing

The store caters for every body type, with dresses that come with size-specific charts that offer measurements for the waist, bust, and hips. All the buyer need to do is to measure themselves and compare their measurements to the size chart to get a perfect fit. The store lets the buyer know if any alterations need to be done and the cost.


All of the dresses designed by Dress therapy are of the highest quality, created with only fabrics such as silk, taffeta, chiffon, tulle amongst others. The dresses have high longevity and are shipped to homes within the United States for free. The store ensures delivery and provides the buyer with a tracking number.

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The practice of anal bleaching has gained a significant attraction in recent years. The need to achieve an even skin tone, lighten skin, boost self-confidence, and have a glamorous look are some of the factors associated with this trend. However, even with the quest of achieving this, many people feel embarrassed to have this procedure in a saloon. As a result, they opt to lighten their anus at home using bleaching creams. That said, here are a few things to know in regards to anal bleaching.

Why do people bleach their anus?beauty 33

People bleach their anus for various reasons. Some of the common reasons linked to this trend include the desire to look sexually attractive, desire to have a glamorous look while wearing G-strings or even small bikinis. More to this, people engage in this practice for skin care.

Risks associated with anal bleaching

This procedure of anal bleaching is entirely safe. However, for it to be safe you have to choose the right anal bleaching product. Therefore, working with a cosmetologist and doing research before buying a skin-lightening product is no choice.

Where to have your anus bleached

If you are bold, enough to have your anus bleached by someone else, then you can visit a saloon. However, it is important to work with a qualified beautician. More to this, inquire of the skin lightening products to be used. Remember, that the lightening product to be used should not contain hydroquinone if the procedure is to be 100% safe.

Natural anal bleaching options

If you are not comfortable having your anus bleached at a saloon, you can do it yourself while at home. More to this, you can use a few natural products. Below are some of these natural anal lightening products.

Baking soda

This is a common anal bleaching product. You are only required to mix baking soda with water to make a paste. Then apply it for at least 5 minutes and not more than ten. Afterwards, clean it using pure water. Baking soda works by removing exfoliating dead skin cell, which is the cause of skin darkening.

bikini 231Lemon juice

To lighten your skin, cut your lemon into halves, and then extract the juice. Dilute the juice and apply it in your anal region using cotton buds. Rinse your anus after an hour. Repeat this twice every day for at least two weeks, and you will start noting the difference.

Anal bleaching cream

This is also another effective intimate area lightening option. If  you are looking for an effective skin lightening product, can be an excellent place to start. This alternative is efficient, time-saving, and simpler compared to using one natural ingredient at a time. More to this, anus-bleaching creams are natural, they contain vitamins and antioxidants that help improve your skin tone in the long run.

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It is no doubt that many people are seeking ways to whitening the anal region. Yes, there is a craze around this subject as you may have already noticed.

The thought of having a dark anal region is something most people cannot stand. Therefore, the only way to solve the problem is going for anal whitening. But there is always a question of doing it at home or going to a spa. Let us look at the pros and cons of each of the options.

Anal whitening at home

Well, this is the most preferred option. But why do people prefer it?

  • Discretion

it is embarrassing to let everyone know that you are going to whiten your anus. You will have to contend with a few nasty names. While doing it at home, no one needs to know. You can do your stuff and be the only one who knows. In fact, this is the top reason why many people prefer to have their anal whitening done at home.


  • It is simpler

The only thing you have to do away from your home is buy the bleaching products. The rest will be done in the comfort of your home. The process is just like how you apply your beauty products to your body. And just like that, you have a “baked” asshole.

  • It is cheaper

Since you are doing everything by yourself, you will not be spending a fortune to bleach your anus. The bleaching products may be the only thing you have to spend on. Those who do not want to spend on spa fee, home anal bleaching becomes their option.

  • Very convenient

You are doing this at your home. That is the kind of convenience you are walking into. From the start to the end, everything will be done in your own comfort zone.

Some of the reasons why home anal whitening could scare you are about your safety. Doing it for the first time and at home presents the safety challenge. You may not get it right thus end up with a “fried.” anus. But as long as you can adhere to the set of instructions, you have nothing to worry about.

Salon anal bleaching

There is the spa option where you go and get full service for your anal bleaching. Its advantages include:

  • You get professional treatment

Here are professionals who will take care of the process and the aftermath. You can rest assured that you are in the best hands.

  • There is a high chance of success

These are professionals who have done this a number of times, you can bet on a successful process. However, you will have to contend with some disadvantages if you choose spa treatment.


  • It is costly

You will have to pay more to get your anus bleached.

  • Discretion is taken away

You are not the only one who knows that you are getting some anal whitening treat. It may be embarrassing to some people.

Are you ready now for a browner anus? Make your choice between doing it at home or at a salon.


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Whether you are preparing for a special occasion or just doing the routine beauty therapies, using a professional beauty and spa expert has numerous benefits and is the right thing to do. Most ladies spend a lot of money on beauty which includes visiting beauty salons and spas. In fact, men are also adopting the habit of visiting these joints for various selected services. If you would like to start using a professional beauty salon from today, you can compare some before and after pictures on instagram to what such experts can do to your body. Below are the top reasons why people would rather use professional experts.

Reasons why people use professional beauty experts

Use of high-end products

Professional beauty experts are mostly found in reputable beauty salons and spas. They use the best products on your body skin with the aim of getting the finest results. If you want to use only the organic products with fewer or no side effects, then make sure that you visit one of these salons. Most important, they do not confine one to limited products as they have a variety to cater for different tastes.


Their results are exceptional

Every woman wants to have a glowing skin, well-trimmed eyebrows, and the best makeup particularly if they are attending an important social gathering like a dinner, fashion show, wedding or any other. To make yourself look the best, then you ought to choose the best salon for makeup from the hair to the toes. They will give exceptional results which will not only enhance your beauty but also make you stand out.

They raise your self-confidence

Physical looks determine a ladies self-confidence and esteem. When they feel that this is compromised, then they will not get the courage to stand in front of people or even appear in public gathering as they are afraid of getting humiliated. Experts in beauty can use different approaches to enhance both ladies and men’s beauty which gives them the confidence to handle various social relations in life.

They conceal defects

Almost every person has their ‘little devil’ when it comes to physical looks. When looking for a professional beautician who can help you conceal the defect, then consider using those from reputable beauty salons and spa. Apart from approaching the challenge how you suggest, they give the best advice from an experts point of view.

As much as the above reasons to use a beauty expert are not exhaustive, they are the common ones that make people seek these services.

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Getting gift ideas for your college student can be a difficult task. You need to know the kind of a lifestyle in colleges for you to choose a perfect gift that will make your student happy. When choosing the perfect gift for your college student, you need to know their likes and dislikes. This will help you to consider a gift that they will be comfortable with. Before you make any decision, ensure that you conduct your personal research and know the latest items or devices that you can award your college student.

As a parent, it is always advisable to talk to your kids and advise them. Since they are away from you, it is important to teach them to avoid walking alone at night. You are therefore required to discuss with them and ask them whether they need a whistle as some protection. You are required to find great and fun gifts for your daughter or son. Below are some of the great gift ideas for college students.


This is one of the important gift ideas you should always consider when thinking about your college student. Most of the college students are interested in getting new gadgets. There are the different interesting gadgets you can think of when it comes to college students. Desktop computers, tablets, laptops, and smartphones are some of the electronic devices that college students are interested with. They are important to their studies because they can use them to download some of the tutorials to help them in their course.


These are other items you are required to consider when planning to gift your college student. Smartpens allow students to take notes in their various classrooms in a traditional way. If you are unable to reach the above-mentioned gadgets, this is another item that you can rely on. Most of the college students are likely to accept and like the smartpen. This is because it creates a more legible set of notes that will help them in studying.

Care packages

When looking for a gift idea for any college student, ensure that you consider care packages. Even though it is not a birthday or a holiday, it is important for anyone to receive a well thought of care packages when they are away from home. You can decide to send baked goods from their favorite bakery back at home. You can also add a piece of art from a colleague college student is close to. This will, therefore, show that you do care for him or her and they will feel loved and missed.

A piece of jewelry

Sending your child to college especially a daughter can be emotional. It will be very hard to convey that you are excited about their new life or opportunities and you are scared for the too. That is why it is important to consider a gift such as jewelry that will convey your feelings. You can, therefore, tuck the gift in her suitcase. She will find it when she unpacks at her room or the hostel. This will make her feel that you care and love her.

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Most people these days love to express themselves; some like to socialize with others, some like to write, and others turn to body art like tattoos. The techniques of getting a tattoo have changed a lot in the past few years, not to mention the design that they put into a tattoo is amazing.

They are so many reasons why people get tattoos. They could have lost someone close to them or just trying to be different and to stand out. Others will do it on the spur of the moment like putting a name of a girl or boy you fall in love with and then wake up the next morning and be like, “I have to find a way to get rid of this tattoo.”

Laser tattoo removal is a new process to get rid of the unwanted tattoos with good results and less pain with no or little scarring.

 Laser tattoo removal

2There are a lot of other types of tattoo removal options out there. The different types of tattoo removals are cryosurgery, salabrasion, and dermabrasion; all of these work very well but they all have lots of pain, and they can cause infections and scarring.

Laser tattoo removal is a noninvasive procedure for the best results with no infections. This treatment is very effective with fantastic results. Laser is far better than the ones we mentioned earlier in this article.

 How it works

The laser works by aiming onto the tattoo and with slow pulses. It will break the ink down into smaller bits so it can remove the tattoo. They hit the tattoo with a high-intensity laser that will break it down. The laser is programmed not to hurt the skin around the tattoo.

The tattoo ink doesn’t belong to your body, so the foreign object will not be accepted. With this, it will burn it out of your skin when the laser starts to hit the ink. This takes time before you will start seeing the results and most likely, you will have to go back to do it again to remove the whole tattoo totally. The bigger size of a tattoo will take a couple of sessions to remove it.

 How much pain

There will always be a little pain involved. Laser tattoo removal is like taking off a wart; the pain is more like a burn. There will be no scarring, though.

3If you want to avail of laser tattoo removal, you should look around for the best services. This Source will lead you to the best tattoo removal experts out there.









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When winter comes, it comes along with cold and dry winds which bring trouble to your hair. These icy winds, snowy nights and colder days will make your hair brittle, dry and dull. You need to adopt a way of curbing this if you want to keep your hair shiny and safe during this period.

Tips for keeping your hair during winter

Take a lot of watergihtwertyujiklkjhgfds

This is one of the best ways a must tip to keep your hair healthy during winter. If your scalp gets dry, it may lead to
dandruff as well as hair roughness. Always keep your hair and scalp hydrated by taking plenty of water. Water also makes your skin look young and alluring.

Avoid using hot water

During winter it is advisable to use cold or lukewarm water to wash your hair. Hot water will only add dryness to your hair and end up making it lackluster.

Cover your hair

Your hair like other body parts needs protection. While going out ensure that you wrap your hair in a scarf or put on a hat. This will block the direct sun from hitting your hair.

Avoid washing daily

All you want to achieve during winter is to maintain your hair moisture. Washing or giving you hair heat treatment works contrary to this. To keep your hair moisturized, reduce your frequency of washing. Washing twice a week is just okay. Make sure that you only wash your hair when it is dirty.

Deep conditioning

Another way and arguably the best way of keeping your hair nourished is by giving them treating them to deep conditioning once a week. Deep conditioning help with retaining the moisture in the hair and hence keeping them healthy throughout winter.

Nutritional diet

This is the simplest and most natural way to keep your hair shiny. Ensure you have a balanced diet that includes sprouts, spinach, walnuts, and egg. These foods are good for your hair and will help you maintain your hair in good shape during this dry season.


During winter your haleftmnbvgahsjdfghjkjhgfdir is likely to get broken and having split ends. Split ends should be treated as soon as possible to avoid ruining the health of the hair. To avoid all these trimming your hair is a perfect solution. Trim your hair at least once in a period of two months.

Maintaining your hair during winter can prove to be a daunting task if the right precautions are not taken. Take these tips into consideration for good hair all through the year.

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A beauty advisor can tell that to maintain a gorgeous complexion you should ensure that you remove all of your mascara every night before bed. In doing so, you will be able to avoid clogged pores and breakouts, thus providing beautiful, glowing skin all year ’round. However, when it comes time to remove all of that waterproof mascara, did you know that you have a variety of options available to you aside from traditional makeup removal products?

Here are ways to remove waterproof mascara without makeup remover

Baking soda and honeyxcvxzvbcxzvbcxvbnvcxvbxvbcfvbnhvbc

For to remove waterproof mascara naturally, you need to try baking soda and honey. All that you will need to do is a place about a half a teaspoon of honey and a sprinkling of the baking soda onto a clean washcloth, and you will be good to go. This is a fantastic option for all skin types and is also great for getting rid of steadfast products such as waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Just be sure to rinse it off thoroughly with warm water and apply a quality face cream for a much-needed moisture boost.


Milk is another good choice for removing eye mascara, especially for those with sensitive skin. Gentle on the eyes, yet a fast-acting alternative to expensive products, it is every woman’s best friend. Apply some milk to a cotton ball and swipe over the eyes. Rinse well with warm water.

Olive oil

For those with dry skin, olive oil is a real blessing. Chock full of healing and softening agents, it will leave you with a smoother complexion in no time at all. During winter, for best results, use the olive oil to remove your waterproof mascara and then exfoliate using a gentle homemade sugar scrub every few days.


Cucumber is excellent for oily skin. Not only does it help to soothe irritation and prevent acne breakouts, but it also cucumberasdfghjkioiuytreeffortlessly removes cosmetics when combined with a tiny bit of milk. Cut up a cucumber into small pieces and then blend into a paste. Add four tablespoons of milk to the paste, pour into a container and then place inside the fridge. Use a small amount to cleanse your face every night before bedtime.

One thing to remember about skin care is that it is important to ensure that you not only remove your mascara every day but that you also properly cleanse and moisturize. By taking good care of your complexion now, you will be sure to enjoy many more years of fresh, healthy, glowing skin.

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